Mental health budget cuts may affect schools, jails

About $17 million has been cut from mental health and substance abuse budgets, so far.
By Sonya Colberg

What’s being cut

Along with serving 70,000 Oklahomans, the Oklahoma Department of mental Health and Substance Abuse Services provides residential treatment for about 300 adults and 100 adolescents at 24 state-run and contracted facilities across Oklahoma.

More cuts are expected, but here are the reductions resulting from the department’s $17 million budget cut:

Cut 30 of 150 inpatient beds at Griffin memorial Hospital in Norman, which always operated beyond capacity.

Cut 24 beds for patients with both mental health and substance abuse at the Tulsa Center for Behavioral Health.

Cut all 26 beds at the Enhanced residential Services program at Central oklahoma Community mental Health Center.

Cut all 65 adult substance abuse treatment beds at the Norman Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center.

Cut about 30 children’s mental health beds at the Children’s recovery Center of oklahoma in Norman.

Closed all 20 men’s residential substance abuse treatment beds at Bill Willis Community mental Health Center in Tahlequah.

Reduced provider contracts for mental health and substance abuse services at contract facilities around the state. The impact of that is unavailable.

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