Addiction Treatment


Substance use disorder is a growing public health concern in the United States. Signet Health helps provide proven, evidence-based treatment for addiction in hospitals across the country.

Researchers estimate that each year, more than 95,000 Americans die due to excessive alcohol use, while more than 93,000 will perish because of drug overdoses. Signet Health recognizes the dangers presented by substance use disorder. While addiction treatment services have traditionally been offered separately from mental health services, we seek to make care more accessible by assisting hospitals in the establishment of medical detoxification unit.

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We provide advocacy and treatment solutions tailored for the needs of multiple demographics.
Children & Adolescents

Management for Acute Detoxification

Signet Health offers medical detoxification in conjunction with behavioral health inpatient units across the U.S. We can help your hospital establish a safe and comfortable environment that is fully optimized for healing. In this setting, patients will receive the support and supervision needed to begin their recovery from addiction.

The Full Continuum of Care


From addiction intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) to medication assisted treatment programs, Signet Health will work alongside your leadership team to ensure regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and clinically advanced care. Learn how our approach can complement your existing program or enhance a new program offering.