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Signet Health has become an industry leader for two key reasons: our expertise and our commitment to advocate for the vulnerable.


It is our goal to guide hospitals in meeting regulatory requirements, efficiently managing operations, and maximizing profits, all while ensuring that quality of care remains the top priority. We believe that with proper management, your hospital can grow while also providing an extraordinary level of service.

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Behavioral healthcare services are crucial for individuals of varying ages and backgrounds. We provide advocacy and assistance for all.

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We believe that each piece of the continuum of care should be well-managed, financially viable, and clinically advanced.

Pavilion Development



Signet works directly with hospital leadership to create behavioral health programs rooted in best practices and innovative therapies, all while providing guidance about regulations, education, and recruiting. Our inpatient clinical programming helps meet the need for behavioral health services in the geriatric, adult, adolescent, and child populations. Our management services include, but are not limited to:

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is essential within the field of behavioral health. Ever-changing legislation, licensing and payor requirements can make this more complex for providers. Our industry knowledge has equipped us to assist with key compliance concerns, including safety, the environment of care and documenting medical complexity.

Financial & Strategic Planning

We work with providers who prioritize evidence-based, outcome-oriented care. Our financial experts partner with hospital and healthcare system leadership to offer quality care that is also financially viable. Together, we can identify opportunities for expansion and areas of concern for organizations of all sizes.


Whether you need to hire top-tier leadership, psychiatric providers, or qualified nursing staff, Signet Health is your partner in recruitment. With decades of experience in behavioral health, we understand what creates a strong foundation for staff in this industry. Our systems can quickly solve staffing problems and reduce turnover in the long term.


Launching your behavioral health service line is a complex process. Signet Health works with architects and engineers to provide guidance and consultation throughout the entire process, making your start-up turnkey. We can help you to create a business plan, finalize your financials, hire new staff, and plan for future expansion.

Ready to Get Started?


Learn how our behavioral health contract management services can help you start a new behavioral health service or enhance your existing program. Please contact us today! One of our business development professionals will be happy to talk with you, learn more about your hospital’s specific needs, and then develop a feasibility analysis for a new behavioral health program or arrange for a review of your current program for enhancement opportunities. 

Request a feasibility analysis for a new program startup or a review of enhancement opportunities for an existing program.