Acute Rehabilitation


With a Signet Health relationship, your hospital can positively impact its financial performance while focusing on its mission and core values to provide a high quality, acute inpatient physical rehabilitation program.


Post-acute care is a unique space within the healthcare market. New payment models, changing regulations, and inefficient care transitions make it difficult for providers to navigate these systems. We can provide guidance along with groundbreaking, effective care.

Acute Physical

With a combined average of 28 years of experience, our team offers industry-leading insight for your facility.



Signet Health offers high-quality acute inpatient physical rehabilitation management services to hospital clients all across the country. Our consulting services for physical medicine and rehab management include and are not limited to:

The Importance of Acute Rehabilitation


Inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs) and acute rehabilitation units (ARUs) serve vital roles within the post-acute care continuum. These programs treat patients who require hospital-level care in conjunction with intensive physical rehabilitation. Signet Health provides valuable advisory and clinical training services to IRFs and ARUs across the country.


With decades of expertise, our leaders create customized solutions for clinical and operational best practices for post-acute care and rehabilitation. Our market demand services can help organizations to make informed decisions about details like number of beds, staff management, and advanced clinical practices.


Thanks to our singular focus on post-acute care, Signet Health’s team members have the strategic perspective and analytical competencies necessary for a dynamic strategy and vision for these organizations. We are skilled at collaborating with clients to clarify their goals, explain industry regulations, and identify unique assets that drive success.

Clinical Training


Our on-site clinical training programs provide competency development on various rehabilitation topics, including stroke, brain injury, neurological conditions, and complex fractures. We also offer trainings on rehabilitation nursing, wound care, interdisciplinary teams, and other clinical functions.

Operations Enhancement


Hospital leaders benefit from our operations enhancement services. Through this offering, we provide recommendations for performance improvement, along with in-depth trainings designed to deepen leaders’ understanding of processes, metrics, and performance management. We also assist with preparation for national accreditation surveys (Joint Commission and others).



Beginning with the federal and state application process to assisting with negotiating payer agreements, we work with our clients to ensure eligibility to receive and retain appropriate reimbursement

Our seasoned team has extensive knowledge in:

Financial & Strategic Advisory Services


As experts in the management of acute physical rehabilitation programs, Signet Health is equipped to provide in-depth financial and strategic advisory services. We offer guidance and support for providers of various sizes, ensuring that they have the best information possible to make fully informed decisions regarding future expansion and offerings. 

Coding, Compliance & Regulatory Support


Regulations for acute rehabilitation programs can be complex and varied. They also tend to change on a frequent basis. Our regulatory professionals walk hospital leadership through industry changes and requirements for compliance.

Clinical Education & Resources


Signet Health brings your clinical staff to the cutting edge of acute physical rehabilitation. Our educational programs offer new and valuable information for those working within this field.


Whether you are looking to hire an entire nursing staff or replace a longstanding team member, Signet Health is your recruitment solution. Thanks to our decades of experience in the field of physical rehabilitation, we know what attracts top talent. We also provide the structure and amenities that staff members need to flourish, which improves retention in the long term.

Better Outcomes (For Hospitals and Patients)


Learn how our management services can help you start a new acute physical rehabilitation program or enhance your existing program. Please contact us today! One of our business development professionals will be happy to contact you, learn more about your hospital’s specific needs, and then develop a feasibility analysis for a new acute rehabilitation 

Request a feasibility analysis for a new program startup or a review of enhancement opportunities for an existing program.