IRF margins are 24.6% and ARU margins are 2.1% (MedPac). Is your ARU performing to its full potential?

MedPac (2019) reports that 26% of cases admitted to hospital-based acute rehabilitation units (ARU) and 16% of cases admitted to inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRF) are stroke cases. MedPac also states that Medicare margins in free-standing IRFs are 24.6% while ARU margins are 2.1%. The reason for this can be multi-faceted but Signet can help determine how to help you best develop a new ARU or enhance your ARU/IRF.

Signet’s acute physical rehabilitation professionals can help your hospital or healthcare system supply the needed resources and expertise to service stroke and other appropriate patients for acute physical rehabilitation. From ARU management to IRF joint ventures, Signet can tailor a partnership to meet your needs. Contact us for an analysis and/or assessment for the best type of service for your community.