Congratulations to the team at Memorial Medical Center for being named Outpatient Program of the Year in Signet’s Excellence in Advocacy Awards.

By CJ Vetter © Port Lavaca Wave 2024 – Jan 24, 2024

MMC departments win program of the year

Two departments of Memorial Medical Center have been recognized for their outstanding performance by Signet Health Corporation. Program Hope, a mental health program designed for older adults, and the Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab program were both selected as Outpatient Program of the Year by Signet.

The two programs are organized by Signet, a contract company that works in the hospital and operates similar programs across the U.S. They are in turn supervised by Director for Behavioral Health Services Chris Kovarek, who expressed her team’s excitement over being selected.

“This is out of all the outpatient programs that Signet has throughout the company and the U.S., so this is a pretty big deal for us,” Kovarek said. “We’re pretty excited. I have a great team on both sides, so I think it’s well deserved.”

While both are centered on improving the health of participants, they’re focused on different aspects. Program Hope provides individualized treatment for older adults with emotional or psychiatric disorders, while the Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation program develops endurance and stamina. But according to Kovarek, the two have more overlap than one might think.

“They’re really about the quality of life. Program Hope is more about your emotional quality of life, while the Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is more about your physical quality of life,” Kovarek said. “But what’s interesting is that both of those qualities, when you look at a person in a holistic way, include each other. If you come in for cardiac and pulmonary health, we’re also going to look at you socially. And if you come for behavior, we’re going to look at the physical factors of your life.”

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