The Signet Health Advantage

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We use our expertise to help hospital based psych and rehab distinct part units across the country control operating costs without compromising quality of care. Our experienced staff will develop innovative strategies to maximize available resources in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment.


A typical hospital client has a variety of these types of challenges with the development of inpatient psych or acute rehab programs:

  • Clinical programming issues
  • Physical plant safety
  • Reimbursement confusion
  • Documentation questions
  • Billing concerns
  • Declining Quality initiatives
  • Referral source alienation
  • Ineffective Marketing
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Staff productivity
  • Compliance issues
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Poorly defined strategy
  • Staff training challenges
  • Related service line feasibility

Contact us today to put our unparalleled expertise to work in these niche areas so you can spend your time and energy providing overall hospital leadership!